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Hi! I’m Wendy. I am a photographer based out of Missoula, Montana. I am the mother of 4 awesome kids and wife to the best husband and adventure buddy a girl could ask for. 

Wendy Parrish

welcome to my little corner

I would say that my cookbook is the most exciting thing that I have been “cooking up” 😂 this last year. This project started as a 19 for 2019. Where are my Gretchen Rubin fans? I wanted to have all our family favorite and traditional recipes in one place. I also knew I wanted to […]

I Wrote a Cookbook!

All The Things Cookbook

All right all you mamas! here is my biggest fashion tip in styling for family pictures: I’ll begin by saying that moms, you need to dress yourself first! Styling family pictures is all about the mom! Sorry dads and kids, you are going to have to wait your turn! Mom, find something that makes you […]

Styling for your photoshoot

If you haven’t already picked up my “Simple Guide to Photographing your kids” Go get it here. Now, let’s talk about getting those pictures off your phone or computer and into your hands or on your walls. I want to start with my all time favorite tip for printing pictures. I got this one from […]

Print Your Dang Pictures!

I have been shooting for over a month with my “back-up” camera. My Fuji x-t2. I call it my back-up camera, but it works as well as any camera I’ve ever used. I also want to mention; It’s dead sexy! I initially bought the Fuji x-t2 as a travel camera. My Canon 5D MK-iii is […]

The Camera Gear I’m Currently Rocking

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am so happy you are here! Just a little bit about me… My family I am a mom to 4 amazing kids who keep growing up, despite my very best efforts to keep them little forever. I am married to Mitch Parrish, my high school sweetheart and the […]

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