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Hi! I’m Wendy. I am a photographer based out of Missoula, Montana. I am the mother of 4 awesome kids and wife to the best husband and adventure buddy a girl could ask for. We also have two Doodle dogs (Hazel the Aussiedoodle and Ruby the Goldendoodle) that are pretty much the heart of this family.

I love music and earned a Bachelors of Music in Vocal performance. Just to keep life more interesting, I am also a Pilates instructor. I realized that the loves of my life start with P, Parrish (for my husband and kids) photography, Pilates, puppies and performing (not so much the latter but singing doesn’t fit with my fun “P” framework.) I love to create things from sewing, knitting, crochet and any other random craft project out there.

I am a big, scifi/fantasy nerd. Yes, everyone likes Star Wars and Harry Potter but how many Doctor Who fans do you meet in the US? Which leads into one of  my other quirks, I’m a huge Anglophile (person who loves British things). We live in Montana where we have access to all the mountains, rivers and lakes that we love to explore as a family. It’s pretty much the good life!

I thrive on Pilates, baby giggles, dog kisses and my view from behind the lens

Wendy Parrish

Missoula Family Photographers

3 Things I Can’t live without


 I love books. I wish I could sit and read all day, but I can’t. Since that's isn't possible I have listen to books all day. I listen as I work, as I clean my house and as I drive. My very favorite place to listen to books is on long runs.



A trucker hat in the summer, or a beanie in the winter.  I love hats! They are the perfect accessory. Not only are they functional for sun protection or warmth, but they help you look put together on those non-hair washing days. I should mention that I have the best collection of trucker hat and beanies out there!


Leggings with Pockets

Seriously, adding pockets to leggings has made my life! As a Pilates instructor I live in Leggins but a girl has got to have pockets. I feel the same way about skirts or dresses with pockets. It’s like the designer was saying, “I get you!”


My photography leveled up when I was put on bedrest for my third pregnancy. I was stuck in bed. I decided to use that time to study and practice. When my first baby girl was born I was so ready capture the fleeting time of her newborn stage. This was the genesis of my love for newborn photography. Since then I have been photographing other newborns and families with the same focus; capture their love and connection and freeze time in each image.

I know you want the same thing I did as a new mother and I am committed to creating connection and emotion in the pictures I take for you.

I shoot with A Canon 5D mx iii. I love it! It was on my dream list for years.  I shoot with it almost everyday. I would love to tell you my favorite lens but I love them all. My 35 mm and my 85 mm get the most use, and my 24-70 mm 2.8L is perfect when I am chasing around busy toddler. I also love my Shoot sack and my Kelly Moore camera bag. Both bags are so well organized. I should also mention my MacBook Pro! What a magical tool it has been! 



When I was having my babies and my husband was in the Air Force I didn’t just want portraits I wanted those emotive, “I know exactly  how the people in this image feel” kind of images of my family. Since I couldn't find anyone to take those pictures (that we could afford on our budget.) I decided to take the pictures myself.

I wanted to freeze the magic of this time in my life.

My husband got me my first Canon Rebel and Adobe Lightroom for my birthday. I fell in love with the art of photography! The pictures of my boys From that time are still some of my favorite images to this day. 

I love images that capture emotion and connection.

It All Started with a Camera

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- kate Mckamey

I've had multiple photo shoots with Wendy, newborn and family shoots. Wendy is a genius at her craft! With the newborns, she is so patient and sweet with them; her creativity is top-notch and the photos I got are some of my greatest treasures! They are only that little for so short a time and she captures exactly what I want to remember about them!  With six kids, our family shoots are chaotic to say the least. But somehow in all the chaos, Wendy is unruffled and calm, deftly capturing everyone's personalities perfectly. It's always fun to work with her, and I absolutely love all the photos she's taken of us throughout the years! 

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